A true set up

So I found a file that had a kind of Preface…of sorts. Probably what I wanted for like the back book cover. I might do a better one to serve as an actual Preface or Prologue or whatever. But for now it’ll help set up the timeline and background a little bit.



What if history was wrong? What if history as it is known is painfully short? Full of holes with shadowed and veiled truths.
Humans as a race were once part of the vast Drae Empyrean, who came to this Universe as fugitives from one of their own.
Taking refuge on two ocean worlds, they suspended the waters of both to create the perfect hiding place beneath an aquatic guise. Two planets: R’ukma, the Golden Capital to the Royal Houses and to a majority of what remained of their military forces, and Terrum, home to the bulk of the civilian populations.
In that time, it was discovered that some among the Drae had a Connection with the two primal elements of this Universe, Matter and Energy. And as time passed, the potential of these powers grew. Until finally there was a revolt on Terrum not too many centuries after the colonies’ establishment, a Corruption of  the Power. During the ensuing struggle, the suspended Ocean fell from the sky, wiping the world clean and nearly extinguishing the survivors.
Now the Drae have started anew after the Deluge. Calling themselves by a new name and knowing only a twisted and altered version of their origin, they begin life again. This time under the secret guidance of The Fold, an organization that guides and trains all those found with the Connection. Gathering these “Gifted” from the descendants of the original refugees, they prepare for the Beldurra, Fear Incarnate, the very one whom consumed their entire Universe and left it in darkness. They suffered the desolation of their last home. He will not take another.


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