For those of you who still check in on me from time to time…

Just know that I am not dead. I have been seriously keeping myself busy with things and not making the time to write like I should have. I’m sorry. But I’m picking up again where I left off and have been giving serious thought to the story I’m trying to tell. So far I’ve been stuck in chapter 3 because I’m just not feeling the way the story is going so far. That being said, don’t freak out cause I’m not going to trash everything you’ve put effort into reading. Part of the reason I feel  less about this story is I’m trying to reduce the amount of cliches that are in most books. This starts with one seen in a lot of fiction and fantasy about a character who is given an insurmountable obstacle as a graduation exam and then passes, kind of. I feel like it gets used to show that the character is special and different. Which is not inherently bad. But is a tired means. What about something happening when no one is expecting it. Which again, is another thing that happens often. Routine XX goes awry when XX suddenly is realized. But there’s something to be said for plots. Right? They are there to get the story started. And for the most part they do the job even the ones that we see all the time. The question is…do we pay attention that much? or just accept that every story has been told and retold?


4 thoughts on “For those of you who still check in on me from time to time…

  1. Mimi says:

    stories are told and retold and sometimes the old adage of known expectation is a hope in this world. For me, I rarely watch a movie or read a book that won’t have a happy ending. The tragedy in this world can sometimes be too much. In the flip side, I appreciate hardship and loss and still moving on despite those things. Maybe you move in, not as a superhero, but as a regular person who is wiser for having lived. The story you tell has to be less about NOT and more about about telling the story your heart is writing. Sometimes it is better to put it ALL out there and fixing it later. Write what you feel. You’ve lived a life of challenge and you aren’t a superhero, but you are super awesome. THAT is a great story.


    1. Oh wow. Thanks Mimi. That was well put and I completely understand what you mean. Those same reasons why I escape to writing, reading, movies and even gaming. The world is a dark place and while there is darkness in some of what is in store for the characters, I by no means want to drown in it. The hook is what so far I have problems with. I want to be different but familiar enough for people to want to read but be comfortable. I recently started watching a show where the story has an interesting appeal…but the characters in it for the most part i could care less about. It made me rethink what so far is out and if changes need to be made. Im gonna play with some ideas on paper and see what you guys think of the direction. Also…thank you for your support. It means the world to me to hear from you and my other friends in here.


  2. I read a very well written version of the “protagonist goes to school and turns into a badass because exams/monsters/fate etc.”. The whole trilogy is worth the time, but the first book covers this back-to-school starting point for most characters. Red Rising by Pierce Brown


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