Further notes on changes…

So far I’ve had some good feedback coming in on things to work on and I wanted to let you know what might change be changing in the chapters to come and will be edited from chapters I posted previously.

I’ve been kind of torn on how much technology to put into the Fold’s arsenal. The time this book takes place in is the early 1800’s. So, by world standards there’s not much yet since the industrial age is only just about to happen during that century. Even still, remembering that the Fold operates outside of the world scene, it would be a fair bet that they still had access to some of the technology from before the Deluge. So high tech gadgets should be in place. How much of them are left and if the Fold is able to fully replicate the technology is hard to say at this point. For example:

Qyuikstones: After some thought I’m probably gonna take these out. At least for the usage that I have shown them for so far. Most of the world relies on paper at this point in history. Books, scrolls etc would be prevalent and one of the best means of information. The stones were initially to be used like tablets. They could be loaded with data and information. But served little function besides that so far. The Technology of Dræ should be pretty advanced, so I was hesitant to put basic things. But for aesthetic…maybe books and scrolls are all that they have left to use at this point. The higher tech being reserved for special occasions? Or locked away? Thoughts?

That being said the Resonators I think I’m going to keep as a means to radio each other. Probably along the lines of headphones placed on the back of the head, just above and behind the ears. Providing direct communication without impairing the wearers ability to hear their surroundings unobstructed. At least until the book progresses in the plot line.

I’m going to work on character descriptions more. Providing information on who and what they are versus their past might be more useful in creating the mental images instead of losing people on other details. Their past is important. But not necessarily right from the get go.


Also the time period as I said earlier is the 1800s. Particularly 1801 if you’ve already read the second chapter. This is in the past. So large scale events that take place. I want to try and put as much actual historical fact(as we know it). That being said, I’m trying to pay attention to language, idioms and behaviors to fit the people of that age. The hard part comes with the fact that the Fold spans so many hundreds of years when it comes to people, that I feel like they would have a melting pot of ways of speaking, mannerisms and such. So maybe some of the things don’t fit with what they would actually say. That’s where practice would come in I guess when I have characters that were born in different centuries and different cultures.


Keep the ideas coming and the comments as well. It’s helping me a lot in seeing things from other perspectives. Thanks!!


5 thoughts on “Further notes on changes…

  1. I was wondering about where the fold was located? When I first started reading I had assumed the rest of the world was sort of a mess and the Fold was a sort of Haven….and how the Fold looks like? Is it the name of the group of people or the area? Is it a building or the size of a city? Is it floating?


    1. Ill rework the chapters to kind of address that difference. The world is normal…as it was in the 1800s. Its just this Fold operates like an underground or secret society. Theyre not tied to any one government nor do any governments know of their existance.


    1. Yeah. Chapter 4? …I think it was, has more about it. I havent made a definite number of them yet. But I am thinkin they operate like colleges so that even though they offer general education, they also have specialty programs for different abilities and focused areas.


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