Questions guys? I have answers…kinda.

So there are some things I wanted to talk about as I continue to move along these chapters. Things I’m kind torn about that I wanted to get some second, third and forth opinions on…

Right now I have two different things kind of going on that I want to narrow down and explain a little. In chapter 1 I definitely implied a lot of things, but especially with the communication in italics it made it seem that they were communicating on a telepathic level. And while I definitely wanted this to be a factor in the story, I feel like having just telepathy shouldn’t be so easy that anyone can talk to anyone at any given time. That’s always been my view on things when it comes to too many telepaths. What’s to stop someone from just talking to someone in the middle of a very important or serious moment. That would be distracting. But since this is the early 1800, radios and bluetooths aren’t going to be a thing. In Chapter 2 I added Resonators, without explaining what they are. Probably during future revisions I’ll go about kind of explaining more about them. But the name itself kinda brings to mind a radio. It would fit more into the time line pre-industrial era, and make communicating relative simple to explain. And leave the ACTUAL telepaths that will be coming up soon, to be more of a surprise to the characters.



*Character Descriptions*
— I need to go back and make some more descriptions as to what the characters kind of look like. I think for now some of them have been given enough descriptors by personality that you are forming visuals. But there are some that are still kind of empty in that area and I’m going to go back and work on the previous chapters and as they continue along the story to paint more of an idea of what you can expect or imagine. I do have some character art that I have stored away that kind of represents what I’m going for so IF you are interested in seeing some character Bios I could definitely throw those on here too.



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