A note on the Art…

In case you missed the comments. Some of the art work I am using for now is things I have found over the years on the internet. If I find it along with the source of the artist responsible then I will for sure make sure to include them in any credits to the artwork. Until such a time that I can find an artist that can do story specific art for me. Which would be awesome. I’m working on Chapter 1 and I will try and include an article after with some character art that I feel like best represents the characters included in each chapter. I’m really excited about finally getting this stuff out there. Hopefully you enjoy it. And for those of you who have Spotify, I’ll try and compose playlist later in the week to listen to as you read. It would be awesome if I could time it to a reading pace so that you could have a soundtrack for a chapter! We will see what can be done. Talk to you soon.

Champion over Fear.


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