Welcome to The Fold Project

It is my goal from here on out to provide those few who have requested to be a part of my beta writing project, with a week by week progression on the book series I’ve been working on. You will be my little test subjects of sorts. I invite you to discuss, question and comment as I write these chapters. One chapter per week, and if I haven’t finished writing by release date then I am to provide content based on the story whether it be more of an in depth look at things that are book related. If you have a topic as things go out you would like me to address or explain then by all means go for it and ask away and I will do my best to answer as quickly as possible. Part of the reason I wanted to do it this way is because then it will keep me on point and focused if I know I have a “responsibility” to you guys. So keep after me. The more interaction the better. It fuels me.

So, here it goes. Welcome to the stories in mind. Keep in mind also, this is for all intents and purposes going to end up in actual book for at the very least. I am writing this because I have a passion for it. But it is also fiction. Don’t take what I create as what I believe. Lets have fun.

Welcome to The Fold. 


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